Like a light on a stage, design enlightens today’s issues, seeking solutions and confrontations

The principle of Human Centered Design is challenged by a new paradigm in which, from the center of the world, the human becomes one among multiple components of an ecosystem. Design must reflect on it and operate in it.

Humans, nature and technology are the components of this ecosystem and their multiple interactions generate the fields of investigation of the design of the future. From objects to services, from spaces to experiences, from vehicles to mobility, the transition is immaterial and unstoppable.

We  question the role that design can play in embracing this complexity, in regenerating lost connections and in creating new ones.

Without denying the design of objects that distinguished the early stages of the history of design, or the design of services and experiences that marked its development, the challenge of design today is to plan the interactions between complex systems and connect apparently distant skills to allow sustainable social, ecological and technological development.

We are a Design School and designing means generating an impact: we must ask ourselves what is the extent and nature of this impact on the planet we live in, and on the people and other living species that inhabit it with us, and in general with regards to everything other-than-human -machines included.

Technologies in our school are an expressive medium and a tool for designing: they must also become the object of critical thinking, to understand their limits and implications with respect to the way we look at reality and relate to it, to our creative capacity, logics of power, hazards to health (physical and mental) and to the planet.

Only with the awareness of this new perspective can design once again permeate industrial and non-industrial production processes in every product sector in terms of contents, languages, expressive and formal codes, technical and functional aspects, to continue to generate innovation, desire, usability and feasibility of the results.

Designers, makers, users, humans, non-humans are the protagonists of this new phase. Wellness, biotechnology, city, digital fabrication, experience, energy ethics, inclusiveness, interactions, materials, mobility, services, society, respect, space, transition, transformation, are the keywords that go along with it.

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