IED scholarships

We reward and promote creative talent.

For Bachelor’s Degrees in Higher Artistic Education in Design, BA (Hons), IED Diplomas, Higher Level Training Cycles and Master’s Degrees.

In Fashion, Design, Visual Arts and Communication.

  • IED Spain scholarships for people of any nationality. Covering up to 50% of the course fee.
  • IED Group international scholarships to study at one of the IED schools outside your country of residence. Covering up to 50% of the course fee.
  • Francesco Morelli Foundation scholarships to promote the creative talent of residents in Spain by eliminating socio-economic barriers. Covering up to 100% of the course fee.

Other study grants

The Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Artistic Education in Design is for all intents and purposes equivalent to a BA and therefore eligible for official grants.

You can also apply for the following if you want to study a Higher Level Training Cycle:

IED students can choose from a variety of financing options for their studies:

  • Flywire: offers a platform allowing international students, from their home country, to pay course fees avoiding all bank charges and saving on currency exchange fees.

  • Banco Santander: Check the details of this bank’s conditions at this link.

  • Prodinamia: A firm that works with various financial institutions to take care of all the paperwork at no cost to IED students until the loan is signed.

  • Caixa d’Enyingers: This entity offers study loans for various types of programmes.

  • Caja Rural de Navarra: Financing of the course fee in instalments of 3, 6 or 10 months at no cost to students. One condition is that the borrower must officially be registered as residing in the area where Caja Rural de Navarra operates.

Contact your academic advisor if you need further information about any of these services. If you do not yet have an advisor assigned to you, fill in this form stating your course of interest and he/she will contact you.

We have an aid plan available for large families as well as for family members of IED students and alumni.

Please contact your academic advisor by filling in this form to receive more detailed information on conditions and requirements.