IED educational program is based on course credits (CF) according to the most advanced european institutions of this area.

It’s a success story that has contributed to the achievement of the official recognition, for the majority of IED courses, by the Ministries of Education and of Research in the countries where IED operates directly.

IED has also signed agreements with several prestigious academic institutes to offer double-branded courses at home and abroad, whose final diplomas are accredited by the partner institutions. For the 2012-2013 academic year, the institution in question is the University of Westminster in London.



IED is a private institution authorized to issue certified diplomas in the schools of Advanced Artistic Studies and offers many courses in Italy in the undergraduate division (three year program) and post graduate division (two year and Masters). In the post graduate division IED offers two – year programs and Master Courses in addition to its continuous education programs and Summer Courses.

Undergraduate Courses:

Academic Diploma First Level (Bachelor of Arts): 3 year program (180 CF), at the end of which the student will earn an Academic Diploma First Level, legally recognized by the Ministry of Education of Universities and Research in the Advanced Artistic Education program ( D.M. 292 10th december 2010, D.M. 207 17th december 2012, D.M. 208 17th december 2012, D.M. 209 17th december 2012, D.M. 293 16th april 2013, D.M. 294 19th may 2017, D.M. 295 19th may 2017, D.M. 296 19th may 2017, D.M. 297 19th may 2017, D.M. 357 30th may 2017, D.M. 854 30th october 2017, D.M. 857 30th october 2017, D.M. 858 30th october 2017, D.M. 860 30th october 2017).

Diploma IED. (Certificate): 3 year program (180 CF), at the end of which the student will earn a private degree from IED.



IED is a Private Institution of Higher Studies in Design (Ley Orgánica de Educación 2/2006 of 3 May, e Real Decree 1614/2009 of 26 October) and offers Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design legally recognized, courses with private degrees of 1, 2 and 3 years, and Master courses, specialization courses and summer courses.

Undergraduate Courses:

Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design: 4 year program (240 CF) at the end of which the student will earn the degree Grado Oficial en Diseño, legally recognized both nationally and internationally.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours: 3 year program (360 UK Credits) in English, at the end of which the student will earn the title of BA with Honours, validated by the University of Westminster.

Diploma IED: (Certificate): 3 year program (180 CF), at the end of which the student will earn a private degree from IED.

Two-Year Courses: 2 year program (120 CF), at the end of which the student will earn a private degree from IED.


IED – Faculdade de Tecnologia do Istituto Europeo di Design (Istituto Europeo di Design’s Technology College)is an International higher education institution accreditated by Brazilian Education Ministry [Ministerial Decree n. 885, issued on Sept. 18Th 2009]. IED Brazil offers Undergraduate Courses, Postgraduate (Master Latu Sensu), Specialisation and Summer Courses.

Undergraduate Courses:

BA Degree: THREE-YEAR TECHNOLOGICAL FACULTY DEGREE (DIPLOMA DE GRADUAÇÃO TECNOLOGICA) in: Product Design; Interior Design; Fashion Design; Jewelry Production; Graphic Design; Digital Design

Furthermore IED complete its academic offer with the following type of courses that fits all the student’s requests worldwide.

Master: One or two year program (from 60 to 120 CF), at the end of which the student will earn a private Master degree from IED. Access to the Master program is open only to those who have previously completed the undergraduate course of study.

Annual Courses (One Year): Courses designed to give the student the possibility to experience and acquire the basic skills of project design. Together with theoretical learning, there are creative labs, company visits, trade shows and meetings with professionals in the field.

Summer Courses (Summer): The ideal formula for those who are currently working full time, and are interested in broadening their skills and knowledge and improving the level of their Curriculum Vitae, by investing part of the summer season to acquire new skills in a particular sector.

Specialization Courses: Modular courses characterized by a particularly flexible and diversified offering; details which allow the organization of personal lesson plans according to ones needs. Attendance during the night courses from a minimum of one to a maximum of five days per week, duration from one to nine months, limited class size and professional instructors are some of the distinctive characteristics of these courses.