Who We Are

Welcome to IED Alumni community - a vibrant network of creative professionals who promote the sharing of knowledge and innovation.

Our community exists thanks to YOU: designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders making a mark in various sectors worldwide.

The global community of IED Alumni is an exclusive network, and according to our values communities are the place where you can plant seeds of change.

Whether you graduated recently or years ago, being part of our Alumni network offers unique opportunities and benefits that extend beyond your time at IED.

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our Alumni community informed and engaged, we are pleased to share the latest updates.

Your support and involvement are essential to us as we chart new horizons together.

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Taking you Beyond


Taking you beyond is our main purpose: that's why we have built a world of free and exclusive opportunities, unique events, tailor-made experiences, professional tools, resources and spaces to give value to your lifelong status as IED Alumnus.

We call them privileges.  We'll make them grow together with you.

A sense of belonging


Connect with like-minded professionals, expand your professional network, and forge meaningful collaborations within the creative industry.

Career Development

Access exclusive job opportunities, career resources, and mentorship programs to support your professional growth and development.

Lifelong Learning

Stay updated on industry trends, attend workshops, and participate in continuing education opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Business Development

Engage and sponsor you in events, exhibitions, and projects that promote your creativity, innovation, and social impact.

Professional Storytelling

Tell your story across our communication channels, bring your value to a higher level and on a global scale.


Over the years, IED has established strategic collaborations and solid, long-lasting relationships with leading companies in the various product sectors, transforming them into real partnerships.

This strong relations network nurtures the Performa Recruit platform, an exclusive job wall that offers internships and job opportunities in many countries.

Exclusive Services for Alumni

We offer you 48 hours per year of mentoring with our senior Alumni, these meetings can be arranged either virtually or in person according to their availability.

Among the most popular topics available for exploration are:

  • Events and branded content in gaming industries
  • Interactive tools for hybrid events and entertainment
  • Brand management for your business startup
  • Innovative entrepreneurship in creative industries,
  • Metaverse as a tool for humans and companies
  • Bringing your design to market by starting your own business
  • Make it real: strategic design for great ideas
  • Sustainability in fashion production
  • Launching your own fashion collection
  • Merchandising plan: Balance between creativity and market needs
  • Digital Design: how to create compelling projects
  • Photography, fine arts and architecture as a lifestyle

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Navigating the complexities of trademarks and intellectual property can be daunting, especially for businesses and creative professionals.

We guide you through the process and provide expert advice to ensure your ideas and creations are protected. Whether you're seeking trademark registration, design protection, or legal clarification on intellectual property matters, we're ready to assist you.

Get preliminary, no-cost advice on intellectual property matters, including trademarks, designs, copyrights, and commercial agreements such as licenses, talent, and sponsorship.

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The desire to continue learning, growing and making discoveries is one of the strengths of our Alumni.

This is why, among the privileges dedicated to you, we have also introduced the use of IED libraries.

Lifelong use of the school labs and spaces like IED House in Milan, Fashion Lab in Rio de Janeiro and Fab Lab in Barcelona. You will find at your disposal printed and digital resources (books, journals, ebooks, audiobooks, data banks), spaces with machinery and workstations.

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Take advantage of a series of exclusive proposals to get free or privileged access to museums, products and services.

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