The Bachelor of Arts has a total of 240 ECTS credits divided into four academic years. It is valid throughout the European Higher Education Area and, to all intents and purposes, is equivalent to a university degree.

Enrolment Process

1. You must have one of these qualifications:

  •  Baccalaureate qualification or equivalent* 

*If you obtained your Baccalaureate outside Spain, you must apply for it to be convalidated by the Spanish Ministry of Education or relevant regional body. 

* People aged 19 and over who do not meet these entrance requirements can take a specific entrance exam if they pass a previous maturity test related to the objectives of the Baccalaureate.  

* A number of places have also been reserved for direct access if you have a Plastic Arts and Design Technician qualification. 

2. Take the Entrance Exam for the Artistic Education Degrees

IED offers students a voluntary preparatory programme.

You can take a maximum of two specific exams per speciality each academic year. You will be required to pay an exam fee if you take the exam without being previously enrolled.

3. Proof of knowledge of the language of the programme for non-native speakers

  1. Face-to-face interview at the school where you are going to study your programme (Barcelona, Bilbao or Madrid) or by video call if you live outside the corresponding city

  2. Access our online admissions platform to fill in the form and upload all the necessary documents

  3. Payment of enrolment fee to reserve your place and complete the enrolment process

Enrolment ends with the payment of the programme fee, which is set according to the fees for the academic year of enrolment and the dates established by the enrolment contract.

You will receive an email with details of the first day of class a few weeks before the start of your programme.

Have you met your academic advisor yet? Fill out this form with your course of interest and he/she will contact you.