To enroll in an IED Specialized Two-year Course, you must have a First Level Academic Diploma or a Degree (1st cycle) or a qualification obtained abroad deemed suitable.

Students must also present proof of knowledge of the language in which the chosen IED course is taught.

Download this document (PDF) to find out how to become a student of an IED Master of Arts Course and consult the steps that illustrate the Enrollment Process.

In the Useful Links section at the bottom of the page, you can download the Admission and Enrollment Procedures for Master of Arts and the Procedures for Student Visa Applicants.

Enrollment Process

After you have met with your Advisor for the informative interview on your chosen course, you can begin the admission process.

You will have to access your reserved area on the admission platform, using the access credentials provided by your Advisor.

If you are not yet in contact with your Admission Advisor, request information from the page of the course you are interested in.

You will receive an e-mail with all his/her contact details, as well as general information on the course selected.

The admission test consists of:

• Valuation of academic record
• Language test (for candidates applying for a course taught in a language other than their mother tongue and who do not have a language certificate).
 Evaluation of the Degree and possible verification of technical knowledge.

After you have taken the admission test, your Advisor will inform you of the result.

You will then be able to access your personal area, where you can ultimate the enrolment process.

Useful Links

Download the documents and consult the Admission and Enrollment Procedures for the IED Master of Arts and the Procedures for Visa Applicant Students

Income Bracket Assignment Guide

For Italian and EU students: tuition fee can be lower according to the income of your family.